Esteemed participants, distinguished guests, honourable advisors,

It’s my absolute pleasure and distinct honour to serve and welcome you to the very first session of Konyamun’19 which will be the first official MUN conference in cooperation with a highly qualified university between 6th-8th December 2019 in Konya.

It’s a privilage for myself and my team to organize a conference where the leaders of the future will meet to raise awareness of world-wide problems, with having constructive and global politics conception through finding solutions for challanging issues in the politcs of the country they represent, improving their foreign language skills and shaping the tomorrow for a beter present.

The primary objective is to foster greater international understanding among our generation. Because we believe that we are able to create a difference and leave an impact if we have the opportunity to express our opinions upon the alarming global and local pressing issues. And our scope is to offer all our participants an exquisite MUN experience which will bring them a better understanding and sensible approach towards different conflicts. That’s why we will be opening our conference for all the high school and university students with creating eight committees that will be served in the best way to satisfy you all. Our multilingual conference will be serving as four committees in English, two committees in Arabic, one French and one Turkish committees.

I, alongside my academic and organization teams, am looking forward to meeting you in Konya. We hope to contribute to your academic development as well as having fun under the dynamic system provided by an excellent organization.

Warmest regards,
Safiye Nur ŞAFAK